Top 5 killer illnesses in today’s society

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The world is sick. Unfortunately, it is getting worse every day. Despite the advanced health technology, some diseases remain a threat to the world population. Deadly are these illnesses that traditional and west medicines have not been able to get the world rid of them. It is sickening to see millions of lives lost due to these diseases. Of course, everything possible is being done, but it is far from over. Just to bring a close focus on the state of global health, here are the top 5 illnesses in today’s society:

Killer illnesses in today’s society

Ischemic heart disease

gfhfhfghfghfghfghThis is one of the many kinds of heart diseases. It cuts down the supply of oxygen and blood to the entire body. It leads to heart failure and deaths when left untreated. The known risk factors for this disease include diabetes, obesity, and high blood pressure. Every year, this illness accounts for 7.25 million deaths. Fortunately, it is very preventable. Leading an active life and eating a healthy diet can keep this disease away.

Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome (AIDS)

The world is still struggling to contain the spread of HIV since it was first discovered in 1983. Today, AIDS claims 1.78 million lives each year. There is no vaccine or cure yet discovered for this pandemic. However, education and awareness have worked a great deal to slow down its spread. Poor nations in Africa are still dealing high prevalence rates.


dssdfsdfsdfsdfYears back, cancer was known as a disease common among the rich. Today, it is has become a disease for every man and woman. The most common type cancer is bronchitis and lung cancer. Those in high risk are consumers of nicotine products. In a year, bronchus, lung and trachea cancer claim for 1.3 million deaths in the world.

Diarrheal illnesses

This one of the most common illnesses in developing countries. It involves passing of loose stool for at least three times in a day leading to acute dehydration. It is both a viral and bacterial disease spread though contaminated water and foods. If left uncontained it can claim many lives as it has been witnessed in some parts around the world. It accounts for 2.46 million deaths each year around the globe.

Perinatal conditions

fdgdfgdfgdfgdfgdfgfdgThese are condition revolving around pregnancies and childbirth. They include severe bleeding, obstructed labor, and unsafe abortions. While developing nations have made huge strides towards reducing deaths caused by these conditions, developing nations are still struggling to contain the same. In the world today, perinatal conditions claim 3 million infants and half a million women every year. Improved medical care and ease of access to maternal and infant health care are touted as the best way to curb on these deaths.

As you have read about the top killer diseases in the society today, you should be asking yourself what is being done to deal with these diseases. Is enough being done to contain them? What can you do as an individual to make the world a better place? With global cooperation, healthy lifestyles and proactive healthcare, the society can be free from these maladies.

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Urine And Health

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Urine Test: Purpose, Procedure & Side Effects

Human bodies are so amazing in a number of things. Still, individuals don’t know much about their bodies, and this causes numerous issues.

How Does Urine Show Your Health

To be specific, since you are not listening to your body, you regularly experience sicknesses you could have cured if only you weren’t totally ignorant. If you want to learn more about your body, you ought to begin from your urine, since there are such a large number of things you can find out by taking a look at your pee.

What Is My Body Telling Me?

Your body is whispering to you, telling you things, you just have to learn how to listen. At times, it is even waving you red flags to demonstrate to you the level of your physical wellness and your general wellbeing and point to danger when it comes to your health. If you realize what you are listening to, and what signals you need to pay attention to, they can even save your life. This is why you ought to listen to your body and pay special attention to these signs.

How Frequently Do You Urinate?

If you habitually go to the toilet to urinate, you may experience some of the following. Like, when you have had an excessive amount of espresso or liquor, you will go more frequently, and this can be explained with the excessive amount of fluid in your body. Because urination is a regular bodily process and not all urination happens as a part of a sickness or condition that is terrible. Also, if you are pregnant expect to visit the toilet quite a lot.

What’s more, pregnancy can even lead to the condition known as urination incontinence, during which muscles and the expanded weight on the muscles result in involuntary act of urination. This condition can also lead to involuntary urination when you are doing different exercises that may make stretch the muscles, for example doing physical exercises.

What Is The Color Of Your Urine?

The typical color of urine ought to be brilliant yellow. The dim shade of urine frequently demonstrates that you have not been drinking enough water. This implies your urine contains a lot of harmful elements, which makes it a tad bit darker than normal. The color of urine can be a notice sign. Pay consideration on blood in your urine, since it can demonstrate urinary tract illness, or kidney failure. Passing a kidney stone, is not only painful, but it can also lead to blood showing up in your urine, as the stone causes modest tears and harm to the urethra.

Does Your Urine Smell?

Sure, everyone’s urine doesn’t really smell of roses. However, even the smell or urine can sometimes be more or less pleasant and change. Of course, your health has everything to do with the smell of your urine. But also, even more so has your diet and choice of food. However, the most reliable indicator of health remains the color of your urine and you should pay close attention to the color of urine since it can indicate the changes in your health.

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